Meet the 2019 Sea Ghost Series

Meet the 2019 Sea Ghost Series

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Kennesaw, GA (February 2019) – Introducing our 2019 updates to the classic, top-selling Sea Ghost fishing kayak series and a new color to the lineup — Galaxy!

“We've watched, we've listened — and we've heard. We're excited to give anglers the upgraded features they've been looking for on their Vibe fishing kayaks. We listened to their feedback and we're happy that we were able to deliver those requests this year.” said Josh Thomas, Vibe CEO and co-founder.

This year's updates to the Vibe Sea Ghost fishing kayak series focuses entirely on peripheral updates for a better user experience, better organization and better fishing. With a tried, tested and true hull, we made changes that are backwards compatible with kayakers paddling previous Sea Ghost models while giving new Sea Ghost customers a top-of-the-line paddling experience. We want to make 2019 a new year not just for new customers, but for all of the members of the Vibe Tribe paddling Sea Ghost kayaks.

2019 Vibe Sea Ghost Fishing Kayak Side View

On top of the peripheral overhaul, we're introducing a vibrant, but stark new color to the Sea Ghost series — Galaxy. “Hello, Galaxy. Beautiful world you've got here.” said Josh Thomas about the new 2019 Galaxy color. This color speaks for itself. Vibe is all about the energy of the community, focusing on a no drama, just adventure lifestyle and the new Galaxy speaks to that wide world and the community of paddlers worldwide who partake in Mother Nature's waterways. "And it's just plain sick, too!" said Josh Thomas.

The 2019 Vibe Sea Ghost angler kayak will be rolling out at Vibe dealers late March 2019.

2019 Vibe Sea Ghost Fishing Kayak Rigged


The 2019 Sea Ghost has gone through a complete peripheral overhaul from hatches to handles to rudder steering cord but we left the classic, angler-approved Sea Ghost hull untouched. With the kayak fishing industry trending towards hulls that focus primarily on stability, the Sea Ghost series hulls focus on blending speed and stability for a perfect balance. We want kayak anglers to be able to get to where they are going with less effort and be able to stand when they get there. It's not always about the destination — it's about the journey, too!

2019 Vibe Sea Ghost Fishing Kayak Versa Console


We didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel with a center console — we set out to make it better. With buzzwords like innovative, game changer, new and improved thrown out there far too frequently, we took a different route on the 2019 Versa Console. Advancement in technology, products, and processes are historically done in incremental waves of progression and that’s what we did. We took the feedback of our customers, listened to their ideas and improved upon existing console concepts.


— Sideways gear tracks, positioned far enough away to allow better fitting and spacing of gear track accessories, especially ones with larger bases.

— 2 water tight access compartments, both with removable, waterproof bag inserts. This allows for storage of smaller items like phones or soft plastics or transducer cable.

— Updated gasket system allows a smoother seal without much pressure.

— Enough space on the back to drop in a thru-hull wiring kit to fit fish finder cables into the console.

— Raised ledge along the sides to quickly toss tackle or tools without them falling to the deck.

— Tool magnet to secure loose knives, hooks or tackle.

— Watershed guides on either side of the tool magnet, which allows for a complete raised ledge on the front of the console to prevent smaller gear from falling off.

— Adjustable height mounting hooks for backwards compatibility with 2016-2018 Sea Ghosts.

— Hinge near the midway point of the Versa Console for easy access to gear without removing the entire console.

PRICE: $79 (Available individually late Spring 2019)

2019 Vibe Sea Ghost Fishing Kayak Features


The front bow hatch has been given a complete overall with an improved waterproof gasket to keep your gear dry inshore and offshore and low profile latches for less snagging. The bag insert is now waterproof, keeping gear dry and protected from condensation and moisture accumulation in the hull. Keeping our current customers in mind, the V-Wave Bow Hatch will retro-fit older Sea Ghost models.

PRICE: $49.99 (Available individually late Spring 2019)


The round hatches on all of our 2019 kayaks received sleek new upgrades, too. The new V-Wave Deck Plates feature an easy, quarter-turn opening system without the hassle of breakable latches or threaded, screw shut hatches that seize shut. With an improved gasket system and waterproof bag insert, gear stays dry when condensation and moisture accumulate in the hull. The 6" V-Wave Deck Plate will fit on earlier Sea Ghost 110 models, while the 8" V-Wave Deck Plate fits earlier Sea Ghost 130 models.

PRICE: 6" $14.99(Available individually late Spring 2019)

PRICE: 8" $19.99(Available individually late Spring 2019)


Our new Phantom Grip Handles are specifically designed with the kayaker in mind. The wider grip allows for better weight distribution and eliminates pinch points while the heavy-duty rubber underlay allows for better grip and softens the load. And, of course, we had to give them that Vibe adventure flair!


No more sliding other accessories off to mount your new rod holder, fish finder or GoPro mount. The new top-loading gear tracks allow you to drop in T-bolt mounted accessories anywhere you want on the track instead of slot loading accessories from the ends of the gear tracks. This makes customizing, rigging, setup and break down before and after a fishing trip a breeze.


Under the hood, the rudder steering lines on the 2019 Sea Ghosts have been upgraded to a 750-pound braided, stretchless cord. This stretchless cord makes the rudder much more responsive than previous models allowing for better tracking and kayak positioning with less effort.


We couldn't leave the Hero Seat out from all the upgrades. The generation 2 has a stronger hinge system that lets the seat fold flat, taking up less space in the back of your vehicle. It also features a reinforced backrest for even more rugged adventuring. Some things didn't change — the Generation 2 Hero seat has the same ultra-comfortable, waterproof and breathable mesh fabric as the 2018 Sea Ghosts for that all-day comfort.

Sea Ghost Vibe Tribers, we've got your back!
All new 2019 parts are backwards compatible with 2016-2018 Sea Ghosts.


  • $999 — Sea Ghost 130 — Includes Hero Seat (paddle sold separately)
  • $899 — Sea Ghost 110 — Includes Hero Seat (paddle sold separately)


  • Length: 13’
  • Width: 33”
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Capacity: 550 lbs


  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 33”
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Capacity: 425 lbs


  • Vibe Hero seat
  • 4 Vibe Phantom Grip carrying handles
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Comfortable, adjustable foot braces
  • Rudder-ready


  • 8" sealed V-Wave deck plate with waterproof cargo bag (Sea Ghost 130)
  • 6" sealed V-Wave deck plate with waterproof cargo bag (Sea Ghost 110)
  • Front cargo storage area with Flex Top gear cover and paddle park
  • Rear cargo storage area with bungee tie down
  • 2 tackle tray holders: Fits PLANO™ 3600 tackle tray
  • Tackle toss tray for quick tackle changes


  • 2 flush mount fishing rod holders
  • Mount for rectangular base accessories
  • 10 integrated top-loading gear tracks
  • 2 side bungee paddle parks


  • Rotomolded single piece polyethylene
  • 12 scupper holes (plugs included)


  • Galaxy (new for 2019)
  • Hunter Camo
  • Smoke Camo
  • Blue Camo
  • Orange Camo

2019 Vibe Sea Ghost Fishing Kayak Color Lineup

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