GSM acquires Dobyns Rods

GSM Acquires Dobyn's Rods

GSM of Irving, TX has added Dobyn's Rods to its growing list of outdoor brands. A representivie of GSM posted the following on Dobyn's Rods Facebook page. 

Dobyns Rods is now part of the GSM Outdoors Family, and we could not be more excited!! - Gary himself wanted to deliver the message and let everyone know this is only going to be a positive for the Dobyns brand, the products, and the loyal customers. "The difference with GSM is the leadership – it’s the place to be,” says Gary Dobyns of Dobyns Rods. “The company is run by friends that, over the years, I’ve learned to fully trust with the growth and expansion of my brand. I am confident they will elevate it to new heights. I will remain involved with the company’s product development initiatives. GSM is making all the right moves, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fishing industry and they are just getting started!”

Gary Dobyns added a video to GSM's statement and can be viewed on the Dobyn's Facebook Page.


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It is the company in Sulfer Spings. From my understanding nothing is supposed to change in the near future.

Rick Wallace

Is this the rod company that’s in Sulfur Springs? If so will you still be able to go and buy seconds rods?

Melton Horner

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