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Zoom Brush Hogs

Zoom Brush Hogs

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Color: Big Texan - 242
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The Zoom Brush Hogs are the ultimate in creature baits. Featuring big, bulky bodies with tails, wings, and arms for dynamic motion and water displacement, they are sure to attract and trigger big bass strikes. Crafted from soft, salty plastic, they provide a meal-like feel that bass can’t resist. Enjoy a great selection of colors in both Standard and Baby Brush Hog sizes to suit any fishing environment. Zoom Brush Hogs are sure to help your fishing expeditions be more successful. 

 Cut them down for extra big presentations, or drag them deep like a spider jig. This versatile and reliable bait also works great for jigging ot jig trailers. Flip baits, Carolina rigs, and more - these baits have you covered! Get ready for your next winning tournament with the Zoom Brush Hogs!

Customer Reviews

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jacob joiner
Zoom brush hogs

Zoom brush hogs have been a go to bait for about 3 or 4 years. They are so versatile,. In all water types and depths. They make great jig and chatterbait trailers
And also come in many unique colors. Both match the hatch natural colors and what i like to call "shock" colors. Colors that aggravate bass into a bite when repeatadly thrown in the same spot. I even use the tiny brush hogs too. Great for crappie,. And for bass when they are lethargic and will hit small lures
Here are a few of my fav. Colors
Clarks hill craw, electrcic shad, small mouth magic, california 420. Green pumpkin magin,. Watermelon moondust. Pearl white,. Black